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2016 Kia Optima Review


The totally redesigned 2016 Kia Optima hits Waikem Kia in Massillon, Ohio looking better than ever. With style upgrades, a smoother, quieter ride and standard technology, you'll have a hard time finding a midsized sedan better than this. 

Totally Redesigned

It has brand-new style inside and out, giving it the European sports car appearance. It has a thin front tiger-nose grille plus thin, swooping headlights. The more aggressive front end appearance gives it a fast, sporty appearance. The Optima is the first Kia to offer Bi-Xenon headlights and optional dynamic bending lights for safety when you turning corners at night. 

You will definitely turn heads when you pull up in this Optima. 

The new Optima is longer, taller and wider than previous models for a more comfortable cabin with more headroom, shoulder room and rear seat leg room. Plus it has a larger trunk area with more cargo capabilities. 

The Optima comes standard with 16-inch alloy wheels. As you climb the trims, the Optima offers between 16 and 18 inch alloy wheels in four different designs. 

Kia built the Optima for the quietest, most comfortable ride in the company's history. We talked about the larger cabin already and the seats are possibly the most comfortable we've ever sat on. 

The cabin area is also driver-centric and well organized. The buttons and instrument cluster are well-organized in a more logical pattern. This makes it easier to reach your buttons and keep your eyes on the road. Not only is this a convenience thing, but it's also a safety issue. 

This the quietest Optima ever built. You won't visually see the difference, but Kia has put a lot of effort into tightening pieces, sealing things off and adding extra layers to reduce engine noise. There's nothing more annoying than the sound of the wind and engine drowning out your music or podcasts. With the new Kia Optima, that's never a problem. 

Great Tech Options

Now to the most fun part about owning a new Kia Optima; the great tech options. This vehicle is a tech marvel, basically a Smartphone on wheels. Every Optima comes standard with Bluetooth for you to make hands-free phone calls and keep your eyes on the road. Every Optima also comes standard with USB and Auxiliary plugs so you can play the music or podcasts from your phone over the speakers. 

Every Optima also comes standard with a backup camera that keeps you safer than ever when backing in or out of a tight space and a parking lot. 


Safety Tech

As you climb trims, the Kia offers technology to keep you and everyone around you safer on the road. It has an optional Surround View Monitor. Similar to a backup camera, you'll get the rear view camera, plus a 360-degree birds-eye view of what's happening in front, behind and to the sides of your new Optima. This is ideal for street parking.

The Optima has optional Advanced Smart Cruise Control. This is a radar-based technology that keeps a safe distance between you and the cars around you. You'll have your cruise control on, and this advanced system will automatically slow down and speed up based on what's happening around you. Therefore you are always at a safe distance. 

The new Optima also features forward collision warning. Using radar-based technology, the Optima will alert you of something ahead that could cause a front-end collision, whether it be stopped traffic or a large road hazard. 

Plus the Optima has autonomous emergency braking. The car is always on the lookout for danger -- stopped traffic, pedestrians or bikers. If this system determines a crash is imminent, it automatically applies the brakes, helping to lessen the damage of a collision or avoid it altogether. 

Fun Options

The Optima offers plenty of fun features as well to keep you and your passengers entertained and comfortable on a road trip. The Optima has optional heated leather seats, a must on a cold, snowy Ohio morning. Plus the Optima has an optional dual panel panoramic sunroof for everyone to soak in the sun on a hot summer day. 

The Optima features Kia's next generation UVO. This advanced car technology includes hands-free voice commands, so if you need to text your spouse that you'll be late for dinner, all you have to do is say it, and UVO sends the text. It also stores all your favorite songs, and again with a voice command, UVO will play your favorite song. 

The UVO parking minder saves where you parked, so when you leave a concert or sporting event you're not aimless wandering around looking for your Optima. Plus with UVO you can check directions on your laptop or Smartphone, save them, and pull them back up when you get in the car. 

The Kia Optima also offers Android Auto, a more advanced and logical way to connect your Android Smartphone to your car. It will help you send and receive texts, access Google Maps, and even download apps like Yelp, GooglePlay Music, and more. 


Safe for Families

The optional My Car Zone function is perfect if you have teen drivers. This system pairs with your navigation system and you can create a "safe driving zone." If the driver goes out of that circle, you'll automatically be notified via text. Plus you can set curfews, and again if the vehicle is out past curfew, you get a text message. It also records driving distance and average speed, giving you peace of mind and keeping your kids safe on the road. 

Under the Hood

Under the hood the Optima has three engine choices. First is a standard 2.4L 1-4 engine that produces 185 hp and receives an EPA estimated 25 MPG city, 37 MPG highway. Next is an optional 1.6L turbocharger engine, producing 178 hp, and 195-lb ft of torque and 28 mpg city, 39 mpg highway. You're third engine option is the 2.0L engine with turbocharger. A performance marvel, this engine generates 245 hp, 260 lb-ft of torque. Plus you’ll still get 32 MPG highway and 22 city.

There are seven exterior color choices and up to six different color and fabric options inside. 

Choose Waikem Kia

At Waikem Kia, we make it easy and affordable to drive home in an Optima today. We offer $0 down buys and leases plus low interest rates that make it easy to drive home in one today. We promise to match and beat all competitor's offers. 

Waikem Kia has a great selection of 2016 Kia Optima models for sale today, and really excited to show them off. Stop out to our Massillon showroom any time, and see for yourself why this tech marvel is the best Optima yet!