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2016 Kia Soul Review


The 2016 Kia Soul arrives at Waikem Kia with upgraded style options for the new year. The Soul remains one of the most popular vehicles on the road today because it offers something for everyone at a very low price. So no matter what lifestyle you live, the Soul is the right choice for your driveway. 

So What's New? 

Most the updates and upgrades to the 2016 Kia Soul center around style. Alloy wheels now come standard on every new Soul. If you're looking for even more style, consider upgrading to the all-new designer collection package. This includes a two-toned color exterior, either white with a red roof or red with a black roof. This designer collection also includes 18-inch alloy wheels with black spokes, leather wrapped steering wheel and leather wrapped gear shifter. 

The Kia Soul Exclaim model (!) now comes standard with leather seats, so no need to beat up the bank account. The Exclaim also offers a new Premium Package that includes safety options like forward collision warning and lane departure warning -- the first time these safety features have been available on a Kia Soul. 

They serve as an extra set of eyes helping you get from point A to point B. With lane departure warning, the Soul will alert you with visual and audio warning alarms when you've swayed out of your lane without using the turn signals. 

With forward collision warning, sensors in front of the vehicle are watching what's happening ahead of you, and you'll be alerted if a front-end collision seems imminent. All of this is Kia's way of keeping you and your family safe on the road. 

This new Premium Package also includes navigation and all the comfort features for a better commute. A dual panoramic sunroof means the front and back seat passengers get to soak up the sun. And on that cold winter morning, the premium package includes dual heated front seats and heated steering wheel. The premium package also includes an upgraded audio system and interior LED mood lights that play along to the beat of your music. 

At the base model, upgrade to the new convenience package that includes a 4.3-inch color touch screen, SiriusXM radio and a backup camera. 


Something for everyone

The Kia Soul is really the perfect vehicle for every lifestyle. You can call it a crossover wagon style model because it's not really a car, not really an SUV. What it is a five-person vehicle with ample room for people and cargo. Traditional car buyers like it because it sits up higher, but it's still small enough to easily park on the street and fit into a tight parking spot. A traditional SUV buyer likes it because it gets better fuel economy than what they are used to and you're not sacrificing your people and cargo space. 

For these reasons, Kia Souls have won awards as the best cars for young people, college students, small families, senior citizens, dog owners and outdoor enthusiasts. The Soul probably has the most diverse customer base of any vehicle on the road today. In one day we can sell a Soul to someone who is 25, 40, 60 and even 80 years old, because it's such a versatile vehicle. 

And if you're someone who likes to camp, fish or kayak, the Soul is a great choice because you can load up the gear and take it out for a weekend adventure. 

Dogs in particular love taking rides in the Soul because of the ample back seat and trunk space. And the dog's owners love it because they can drive distraction free. 


30 MPG

Under the hood the Kia Soul offers two engine choices. The base model features a 1.6L four cylinder engine and the plus and exclaim models feature a 2.0L four cylinder engine. With the 1.6L you'll achieve up to 30 MPG according to EPA estimates. The 2.0L reaches up to 31 MPG, so there's even more fuel saving possibilities behind the wheel of the Soul. The Soul is one of the few cars left today to offer a manual option. We still have a lot of customers who want to drive stick, and they usually find themselves driving home in a brand-new Kia Soul. Of course the Soul does offer automatic, so no need to worry there. 

Great Technology

The Soul is basically a Smartphone on wheels with all the great technology options available. Every Soul comes standard with Bluetooth hands-free connectivity, so you're not paying extra for great technology. 

Every Soul also comes standard with USB and Auxiliary plugs so your phone stays charged and you can listen to your favorite podcasts and songs. 

We've already touched on the options for navigation and a backup camera, but we haven't talked about UVO entertainment system. This is modern vehicle technology at its finest. With voice command technology, simply says things like "turn on the radio" and your favorite song starts playing. Or "call mom" and the Soul dials the number for a hands-free phone call. You can even dictate text messages, so "tell my wife I'll be late,” and she'll get the text message right away. 

UVO also lets you save your favorite songs into the computer's hard drive so you can listen to Johnny Cash whenever you want. 

And when you're in an unfamiliar parking garage, UVO services will remember where you parked and help you find your car after the game. UVO also assists you with maintenance and diagnostics by keeping your car in tip-top shape. If it's time to schedule an appointment, UVO can assist with that as well. 

The Right Price

The other thing everyone loves about the Soul is its price tag. The Soul is one of the most affordable new cars on the road today, and Waikem Kia makes it even more affordable with our Waikem Discounts, Factory Rebates and guaranteed low internet price. Waikem Kia will meet or beat any competitor's price, so contact us today for your custom price quote.

We've got a great selection of Soul models waiting on the lot for you. Stop by our Massillon showroom today to see how this great model fits every lifestyle!