Waikem Kia


The Waikem Family History

Our company was founded in 1954 by George E. Waikem, Sr. The Waikem Family has distinguished itself as having one of the finest track records in quality auto sales in America. It has taken the Waikem Family over 40 years to build the public image which we are so proud of today.

Our Company was founded on the principle of complete customer satisfaction in all their transportation needs, and we continue our commitment to those needs.

Mr. George E. Waikem, Sr. distinguished himself as a pilot during World War II and upon his discharged from the U.S. Air Force in 1945, embarked upon his automotive career. He started with a used-car lot and in 1954 opened National Car Leasing, Inc., which blossomed into what is today, a very large corporation. In those days, however, the leased cars supplied the used car lot and Mr. Waikem was doing quite well. He did however, want a new car franchise to supply' his car leasing venture. The Ford Motor Co. granted him franchise rights in 1957, and that was the beginning of George Waikem Ford, Inc. Never satisfied, Mr. Waikem, with the help of his family and dedicated employees, began a long list of franchises that included Volvo Village in 1974, Honda in 1975, and Chrysler, Plymouth in 1976 which then became Waikem Motors, Inc. Waikem Nissan, Inc. became a reality in 1989 with Waikem Mitsubishi added in 1990.

It did not take long for the community to realize that the ethical business practices with which The Waikem dealerships operated, made them the place to go for automobile and heavy truck sales and service. As the Company grew, so did the involvement in the community. The Waikem family and The Waikem Auto Family has been recognized by numerous organizations throughout Ohio for all of their charitable and civic contributions.

As our community continues to grow we want to be sure that our business grows to meet the needs of all loyal customers. The Waikem family also feels very strongly about the dedicated employees that make our business so successful. We will continue to work hand- in-hand in building a work environment that offers job security and opportunities for all. Each person contributes to the success of Waikem Auto Family Dealership's, but it is understood that it is a true team effort that counts.