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2021 Kia Seltos Review

The 2021 Kia Seltos is available for purchase in Massillon, OH at Waikem Kia. The Seltos is a brand-new compact SUV that is bigger than the Soul but smaller than the Sportage. All wheel drive is available on most Kia Seltos models.

The Seltos interior volume is huge. You can fit five inside and it offers a huge amount of rear passenger volume. It’s also easy to fold down the seats and create extra space. 

The Seltos is a game changer and the perfect vehicle for adventure and safety. Waikem Kia is ready to show you today why it’s the perfect new model for a new decade. 


Kia Seltos drive train

All Wheel Drive is available on most Seltos models. This all wheel drive system is designed like the Telluride’s all wheel drive system and provides extra safety in any road condition. We think you’ll love driving a Seltos in a snowy Ohio commute. 

During the summer and fall, the Seltos all wheel drive system makes it the perfect car for a hike, camping trip or kayak adventure. 

Kia Seltos engine

Two engine choices are available on Kia Seltos. Standard is a 2.0L engine with 146 horsepower. A 1.6L turbo GDI produces 175 horsepower. Fuel economy numbers to released later. 


Kia Seltos Safety

Many Kia Seltos models are equipped with Kia Drive Wise. Kia Drive Wise is a set of advanced driver-assistance systems that make driving safer than ever. It includes: 

Blind Spot Collision Warning (BCW): Under certain conditions, can detect vehicles traveling in the next lane.  When a vehicle is detected in the blind spot, an icon flashes in the mirror.  A chime will sound if the turn signal is on. 

- Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist (BCA): Builds on BCW by applying brakes to the outer wheel under certain conditions to return the vehicle to its lane.

Driver Attention Warning (DAW)9: Senses inattentive driving patterns and sends an audible/visual warning to alert the driver.

- Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with pedestrian detection (FCA): Assists the driver in braking to help prevent a collision or lessen the effects in certain conditions if a vehicle or pedestrian is detected in front.

- Highway Driving Assist (HDA)10: Uses federal highway speed limit information from the navigation system and, under certain conditions, will automatically adjust speed to be within the posted speed limit and maintain distance with the vehicle detected in front.

- Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS): Designed to alert the driver if the system detects that the vehicle is about to depart from its current lane without a turn signal.

- Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS): Builds on LDWS by applying slight steering inputs in certain circumstances to help bring the vehicle back into the lane.

- Lane Following Assist (LFA):  Builds on LKAS.  Follows lane markings that the system detects and provides steering inputs to help maintain the vehicle in the center of the lane.

- Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist (RCCA): Uses BCW technology to help detect approaching cross traffic when in reverse.  When approaching cross traffic is detected, the system alerts the driver and applies brakes.

- Rear Occupant Alert11: Designed to provide a message in the instrument cluster for the driver to “Check rear seats” in order to help prevent leaving the vehicle with a rear passenger left inside; the message appears when the driver door is opened after a rear passenger door has been opened and closed.

- Smart Cruise Control with stop & go (SCC w/S&G): Designed to adapt to the driving environment by automatically applying the brakes, or accelerator, to help maintain a predetermined distance from a vehicle it detects in front.  Can bring the vehicle to a full stop and resumes when traffic resumes within three seconds of stopping.

- Safe Exist Assist (SEA)12: Can alert the driver or passengers opening their door not to exit the vehicle when the system detects approaching traffic. When detected, a chime sounds.


Apple CarPlay, Android Auto Standard

Every Seltos comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apps and options are laid out on the center console and it looks just like your phone's screen. From there you can safely and easy make phone calls and audibly send or hear text messages. 

These systems also provide you access to your Google or Apple Maps software, along with other popular apps like Pandora, Yelp, NPR, Spotify, Podcasts, Skype, MLB At Bat, Audiobooks and much more.

Seltos Interior Volume

Seltos is a very comfortable vehicle. Kia vehicles in general are built to comfortably fit passengers and their luggage/gear, and Seltos is no different. Interior volume is near the top and is built for maximum hip, shoulder, leg and head room. Even back seat passengers get plenty of room. The Seltos is one of the only vehicles with a reclining back seat. 

If you’re by yourself, it’s easy fold down the seats and create even more cargo space. It even has a rear luggage board to store extra equipment when the Seltos is full. 


Seltos Options

Upgrades available on Kia Seltos include leather seats, heated seats, leather steering wheel, 10.25 inch touchscreen with navigation, wireless charging pad, sunroof, and much more.

The Seltos is offered in six exterior colors and either black or gray interior. 

New Seltos Dealer Massillon, OH

Waikem Kia is Massillon, OH is ready to help you purchase a Seltos today. We are located in Massillon, OH near Canton, OH in Stark County. As your local Kia dealer, we make it easy to put a Seltos in your driveway. 


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